1) Is the MMC Scholarship Programme the right one for me?
               If you are is serious about building your capability, applying for the MMC Scholarship Programme makes perfect sense.

           2) What would my career path be?

               MMC will help plan your career path to accelerate your professional growth. You will have the opportunity to either join MMC Corporation Berhad or its Group of Companies.



           1) Who can apply for sponsorships?

               MMC welcome applications from SPM students of 2013 who obtained a minimum 8As in their SPM or equivalent and have demonstrated leadership capabilities through active
               involvement in extra-curricular activities.

           2) How do I apply for sponsorship?

               Candidates are required to submit their applications online. You can submit your application to us via our website and click on the “Scholarship” tab followed by the
               “Apply here” link to fill in your particulars.

           3) When is the application closing date?
               The application closing date is on 6th April 2014.

           4) How many scholarships are given out every year?

               The number varies depending on the suitability of the candidates each year.

           5) What type of support will I get?

               Full scholarships are offered which include registration, admission, tuition and examination fees, monthly allowance for living expenses and annual textbook allowance.
           6) If I choose a different discipline, will my application still be considered?

               Yes, although preference will be for courses which have been pre-determined.

           7) Will there be an interview?

               Yes, it is part of the selection process. The first shortlisted batch of applications will be called for the first interview process. Successful candidates from the first assessment process will
               be called for a final interview session.